Fees, From another Group and Subs

Try Three for FREE!

New member are welcome to come and try Venturers for 3 weeks for FREE! 

We do ask that a Youth Membership Form be completed on the first night to ensure we have emergency contact details and youth are covered for insurance however there is no obligation to join in the first three weeks.

Annual Membership Fees

Annual Memberships fees are based on a July to June Year (Financial Year) and are invoiced in April each year.  New members pay a pro-rata amount for the remainder of the year that they join.

Membership fees are paid to our host group (1st Belmont Scouts).  This money is used to pay branch registration fees which includes insurance for youth and cover some of the group costs such as leader training and utilities.  Parent Participation in fundraising efforts throughout the year is essential to keeping these fees low.

Please refer to the 1st Bemont Scout Group Site for current fees.

From another Group?

The BiGHT Venturer Unit is hosted by the 1st Belmont Scout Group, for Scouts or Venturers
 joining BiGHT there are a 2 options to consider.

Option 1. Transferring registration to 1st Belmont Scout Group.
This is done by Group Leaders and require you current GL transfer registration to 1
st Belmont. 
Venturers needs to be paid up for the current registration year and have regular attendances.
Registration and group fee will be payable to 1
st Belmont for next registration year.   

Option 2. Remain registered at current group.
Venturers are welcome to remain registered at there current home group, this requires Scout registration fees being paid to their home group and a group fee paid to 1
st Belmont Scout Group.
It is the responsibly of parent to ensure registration is current.

Venturers are required to pay 'Subs' of $2 per week.  This is collected annually and included in the fees invoice. Subs are used for minor supplies to support the Venturer program and running of the Unit. Surplus funds from Subs will be used to subsidise Venturer events such as approved courses.

Event Costs

Each event has different costs which are detailed in the Event Details.  Please check the Program and Event Detail and ensure forms and payments are made by the due date.  Note that there are many Venturer Events scheduled in Term 1 and Term 4 each year, during the warmer months, which can add up in cost.  It is good to plan ahead for these expenses, particularly with Christmas in the middle!

Financial Support

Scouting provides outstanding value for money when it comes to providing opportunities and adventures for youth.  Whilst this is great value, the cost of an active program can still add up.  Without parent support for fundraising activities during the year there is no funds available to reduce or subsidise the cost of our events.  If you would like financial assistance to help meet these costs, I would encourage you to contact Scott Barnes (Assistant Group Leader) scott@belmontscouts.org.au or mobile 0428 379 281 to arrange to start some fundraising activities. 

Parents are encouraged to involve the Venturers in fundraising efforts and you can support this by giving them ideas and helping them to arrange and run fundraising activities.  You do not need to be a leader to work with the Venturers and help them to raise funds.  Any money raised by fundraising for events can go directly to reducing the cost of these planned activities.