Standard Forms

There are only 3 main forms required for Venturer Events, all available from the Attachments Section at the bottom of this page, prefilled with Unit Details for your convenience.
  • PIR or Heath Form (proper name is Personal Information Record)
    This form is required for ALL out of hall activities, overnight and Adventurous Activities so they are required very often, It allows medical personal to treat you without parents being present.

  • TR1v - This is a Training Application form (modified for Venturers)
    This form is required for Venturer Training Courses such as Unit Managment and Canoe Participant Courses.

  • Y5 Special Activities Form
    This form is only required where control of an activity passes to a person or company outside of Scouting such as a climbing sesssion at a commercial Indoor Rockclimbing Center.  This form is not required very often.
Some Events, such as Unit Management Courses, may also have a specific application form.  Please check the Event Details for any specific forms required for each event.

All other forms are available on the Vic Scouts site at

When completing forms for Bight Venturers (including linking Scouts) please note the following details

Registration Number Each Venturer has their own registration number.  This MUST be written on all forms.  If you are not sure of your registration number, please get it from the Venturer Leader and write it down.  It is printed on all Certificates Issued to youth members and is stays the same from Scouts to Venturers.

Group Scout Code 3070102 (This is the code for our host group 1st Belmont Scouts)

Section Venturers

Group Bight Venturer Unit  

Note: Our Host Group is 1st Belmont but most forms dont deal with Host Groups or ask for Unit Names so we use Bight Venturer Unit as Group Name unless there is a specific Unit Name field provided separately

District Barwon

Region Geelong

Tip: Make your own prefilled copy of the Heath Form
Most activities run for Venturers require a Health Form.  A new form is required to be completed for each activity.
It is Highly Recommended that you download a copy of this form (available from the Attachment Section below) and open the form in Acrobat Reader (the program that opens PDFs on your computer).  This form has been designed so that you can then type in all the Venturer's details using Acrobat Reader then save the PDF to somewhere on your computer that is easy to find in the future.  You can then just open your saved copy and update this or just print the prefilled PDF and write in just event details rather than having to complete all the details every time!

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