Light packing list

This list is to be used if your stuck on what to pack when going on a short camp.
What to bring:
  • 2x Change of spare clothing
  • 1x bag of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, Soap etc.)
  • 1x Raincoat
  • 1x spare footwear
  • 1x cooking gear/ WATERPROOF matches.
  • 2x pair of socks
  • 1x insect repellent
  • 4x Scroggin
  • 1x phone (Non-Valuable)
  • 1x phone charger (If going somewhere it can be used.)
  • 1x bathers (if going swimming)
  • 1x Towel (if going swimming)
  • 1x full container of sunscreen
  • 1x hat
  • 1x sunglasses
  • 1x 1st aid kit
  • 1x emergency rope
  • 1x stretcher/ inflateable matress
  • 1x pillow (unless your matress has a pillow on it)
  • 1x sleeping bag
  • 2x PJ's (if you really want them)
  • 1x dillie bag (bag of cutelry plates, bowls etc)
  • 1x dishwashing liquid.
  • reasonable amount of food depending on length of camp
  • sufficient amount of persribed pills
  • 1x epipen (if anaphylactic)
  • 1x light source (eg Torch)
  • spare batteries (amount varies)
Comment anything IMPORTANT that you feel has been missed.