Anything Goes

Event Title/Name  Anything Goes (AG)
Event Date(s)
 Friday Feburary 24th - Sunday Feburary 26th
What's Happening &
Where Going
Quick Summary
AG is held at Lardner Park, Drouin, 10-20minutes away from the Warragul Train Station.
Further Details on this Event are at
Who's Organising
Name of Main Person
 Emily Ireland
Drop Off
Time & Place

Train 1
Meet at Geelong Station at 3pm
3:29 PM Geelong Train to Melbourne Arriving Southern Cross Station at 4:33PM
4:47 PM Traralgon Train to Warragul Station Arriving at 6:21 PM for AG Shuttle Bus

Train 2
Meet at Geelong Station at 4:30pm
4:57 PM Geelong Train to Melbourne Arriving Southern Cross Station at 6:03 PM
6:36 PM Traralgon Train to Warragul Station Arriving at 8:04 PM for AG Shuttle Bus

Pick Up
Time & Place

Original Train - For those that booked early & have tickets.
3:26 PM Train from Warragul to Melbourne Arriving Southern Cross Station at 5:01 PM
6:00 PM Train from Southern Cross Station to Geelong Arriving at 7:02 PM
Pickup from Geelong Station at 7pm On Sunday 26th Feb
Jason will endeavor to meet Venturers at the Station with Trailer/Bags.

Alternate (Earlier) Train
1:32 PM Train from Warragul to Melbourne Arriving Southern Cross Station at 3:01 PM
4:00 PM Train from Southern Cross Station to Geelong Arriving at 4:54 PM
Pickup from Geelong Station at 4:54 pm On Sunday 26th Feb
Arrangements to collect your bags from Jason must be made or take your bags with you on the train home.
IMPORTANT: Venturers that missed out on tickets on Original Train MUST book tickets on this earlier train AND advise Jason.  Jason needs to make special arrangements for a shuttle bus to get these Venturers to the station for the earlier train.

This arrangment is only for Venturers that have missed out on tickets for the 3:26 train.  If you have a ticket booked for the 3:26, you MUST stay on that train.

Who's Driving or details
of train, bus etc
All Venturers will travel via Train whilst jason and Graham are taking all the gear and luggage.
List of Costs, Total Cost &
when to be paid by

 The Camp plus off-site activities cost $65 plus $5 for train fee.
 The camp would cost $55 plus $5 for train fee.

Total $
Pay By Date
What to BYO or
What meals are provided
There will be food Available at the canteen but all BIGHT Venturers are meant to be at the campsite at 6pm for a group dinner, if you are not there by that specific time you will not be getting fed.
Gear to Bring
List of Gear Required
eg Hike Tent, Hike Stove,
Hiking Boots, Wetsuit
  • 2x Change of spare clothing
  • 1x bag of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, Soap etc.)
  • 1x Raincoat (incase weather is bad)
  • 1x spare footwear
  • 1x cooking gear/ WATERPROOF matches.
  • 2x pair of socks
  • 1x insect repellent
  • 4x Scroggin
  • 1x phone (Non-Valuable)
  • 1x phone charger (If going somewhere it can be used.)
  • 1x bathers (if going swimming)
  • 1x Thongs (to put over your feet when showering.)
  • 1x Towel (if going swimming)
  • 1x full container of sunscreen
  • 1x hat
  • 1x sunglasses
  • 1x 1st aid kit
  • 1x emergency rope
  • 1x stretcher/ inflateable matress
  • 1x pillow (unless your matress has a pillow on it)
  • 1x sleeping bag
  • 2x PJ's (if you really want them to keep warm)
  • 1x dillie bag (bag of cutelry plates, bowls etc)
  • 1x dishwashing liquid.
  •  x amount of money for canteen food
  • sufficient amount of persribed pills (if taking any medication)
  • 1x epipen (if anaphylactic)
  • 1x light source (eg Torch)
  • spare batteries (amount varies)
  • 1x Tent to fit a group of 3-4 people or a one person tent (Swag)
  • 1x Camping Chair
Safety Notes
Emergency Contacts
Add Relevant Emergency
Numbers for Venues etc
Forms Required
List all required forms
ONLINE Registration
All Venturers must register online at
- Train Pickup and Drop off options must be selected for both ways
- Best to have forms filled out, signed and scanned ready to upload when you register
- Also require a digital photo (Head and Shoulders like a passport photo) to upload when you register (used to print your ID Card)

Personal Information Record Update (Health Form)
Special Activities Permission Form (Special Form for this Event)
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