Caving Trip

The Bight Venturer Unit have been lucky enough to secure a Caving trip with the Branch Caving Team for 2012.

Event Title/Name Caving Trip - 4 Places Still Available (as at Monday 25th June)
Event Date(s)
Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July
What's Happening &
Where Going
Quick Summary
The Branch Caving Team run a limited number of caving trips each year.  We have been lucky enough to secure a trip for 20 participants to Mt. Eccles.
See the Caving Brochure attached to this page for more info.
Who's Organising
Name of Main Person
Please return Health Forms and Money to Verity
Leaders Graham & Tim are attending the trip as well as some Rovers
Caving Activities are run by the Branch Caving Team
Drop Off
Time & Place
Drop Off will be at the Belmont Scout Hall on the Friday afternoon - 5:30pm, if you arrive on time you might even get some Pizza for your effort
Pick Up
Time & Place
Pick-up will be at the Belmont Scout Hall late Sunday afternoon.
Who's Driving or details
of train, bus etc
A Bus is being arranged to take everyone down to the camp site.
List of Costs, Total Cost &
when to be paid by
The Caving Activities cost $40
Transport & Food $35
Total $ 75
Pay By 19th April
What to BYO or
What meals are provided
Friday - Some Pizzas will be available at 5:30 PM Don't be late if you want some.
Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch & Tea provided
Sunday - Breakfast & Lunch provided
Gear to Bring
List of Gear Required
eg Hike Tent, Hike Stove,
Hiking Boots, Wetsuit
Dilly Bag (Plate, Bowl, Cup, Knife, Fork, Spoon & Tea Towels)
Tent, Good Sleeping Bag and Good Sleeping Mat (be prepared for very cold nights)
Thermal pants and top highly recommended for sleeping
Old clothes suitable for caving (expect to get muddy & wet) the organisers have recommended to wear a spare set of clothes under long top and pants when caving so that you can change easily.
Warm clothes for evenings
Hiking boots or comfortable study shoes, it will be slippery no skate shoes!
It is recommended that you bring TWO torches one 'dolphin' type and a pen light and batteries. you will use these not only at night but in the caves.

Venturers will need to bring their bags to the meeting Thursday night so we can pack the trailer.
Safety Notes
Be prepared for very cold conditions this time of the year.
Check the weather forecast and come prepared.
Emergency Contacts
Add Relevant Emergency
Numbers for Venues etc
Jason Martin (not attending) 0425 865 119
Forms Required
List all required forms
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