Initiative Course

Event Title/Name Initiative Course (Colac)
Event Date(s) Fri 16th to Sun 18th March 2012
What's Happening &
Where Going
Quick Summary
The Initiative course is a compulsory module required for Venturer Award and Queen Scout Award.  The Initiative Course fully covers the requirements of the Initiative Award as detailed in the Venturer Scout Record Book on P27.

This is one of only 2 courses running the Western side of the state this year and certainly the closest.

Venturers can arrive from 7pm Friday night, course starts Saturday Morning.
Course finishes at 2 pm on Sunday.
Who's Organising
Name of Main Person
ARC Venturers - Karen Kennedy
Drop Off
Time & Place
Drop Off by 5:15 PM at Geelong Train Station on Friday
to catch the 5:35 PM V/Line Coach Service to Colac (does not stop at South Geelong)
Arrives Colac 7:05 PM
* There is a later train available if unable to make the 5:35 Coach *
Lara Venturers can catch a 5:04 PM Train from Lara to Geelong Station & change to Coach.
Pick Up
Time & Place
Catch 8:29 AM V/Line Train Service from Colac 
Arrives South Geelong Station at 9:24 AM on Sunday 
or Lara Station at 9:44 AM on Sunday (for the Venturers that live in Lara)

If you are getting on/off at any other station or time, or making your own travel arrangements, please let Jason know so that we know who is going to be where and when.
Who's Driving or details
of train, bus etc
Venturers can travel to this event by Train (or V/Line Coach Service) from Geelong to Colac.
or Venturers can make their own arrangements for transport.
List of Costs, Total Cost &
when to be paid by
The course cost is $20 payable on arrival
plus Train fares (if going by train/coach)
Total $20
Pay By On Arrival
What to BYO or
What meals are provided
Venturers must BYO all food, cooking gear, tent and sleeping gear etc.  This is a lightweight hike weekend though course is set in the Urban area of Colac.  Venturers must be fully self sufficient.  Take this opportunity to prepare some lightweight meals and have some fun.
Gear to Bring
List of Gear Required
eg Hike Tent, Hike Stove,
Hiking Boots, Wetsuit
Your MUST wear your uniform for the course and bring with you a completed TR1v, Health Form, Record Book and $20 for course costs.
You will be expected to camp out and carry ALL your gear throughout the course, be self sufficient for food and act responsibly.

You may also want to look at the BIGHT Light packing list page or Required Gear page if considering purchasing any equipment.
Safety Notes
Venturers will be carrying all their gear and walking the equivalent of 8 to 10km of challenging terain.  Suitable footwear is essential. 
Check the Weather forecast & come prepared.
Emergency Contacts
Add Relevant Emergency
Numbers for Venues etc
Karen 0425 860 708
Forms Required
List all required forms
Personal Information Record Update (Health Form) - See Forms page.
TR1v - See Forms page.
Application Form - See attached form below
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20 Feb 2012, 05:30