Street Orienteering Feb 2013

Event Title/Name Street Orienteering
Event Date(s)
21st December 2013
What's Happening &
Where Going
Quick Summary
Participate in Geelong Orienteering Activity
Who's Organising
Name of Main Person
Drop Off
Time & Place
6.30 pm @ Rippleside Park, Bell Parade    melways 442 A10
Pick Up
Time & Place
as above 8.30pm
Who's Driving or details
of train, bus etc
Venturers to make their own transport arrangements
List of Costs, Total Cost &
when to be paid by
Total Nil
Pay By
What to BYO or
What meals are provided
 BYO Water Bottle
Gear to Bring
List of Gear Required
eg Hike Tent, Hike Stove,
Hiking Boots, Wetsuit

Comfortable Walking Shoes
Safety Notes
Advised on the night
Emergency Contacts
Add Relevant Emergency
Numbers for Venues etc
Forms Required
List all required forms
 Special Activities Permission Form
 Activity is run by an organisation out of scouting