Stategic plans 2016

The BIGHT Venturer Unit was established at the start of 2011.  The success of the Unit in it's first year has came as no accident though it did exceed all expectations.  The Unit had a plan to succeed and continues into 2016 to take the Unit forward.
For 2016, the Unit faces new challenges to continue to be Successful and Sustainable.  Now that we have lost several of our older founding youth members to Rovers, the change in the unit's dynamics need to be addressed. Continued training of both Youth members and Adult leaders is still paramount, Graham, Kim, Matt and Cam will continue to provide outstanding support to our Venturers 
2016 Strategic Plan
To consolidate the BIGHT Venturer Unit, building strong leadership and support for a sustainable future. Recruitment and retention is vital ensure the success of our Mission.
Key Objectives
  • Continue to Develop the Adult Leader Team including training and support of new leaders and development of existing leaders.
  • Recruit additional suitable Leaders to the Leader Team to support future growth and provide for succession.
  • Continue to develop the Unit Council and promote leadership in youth members
  • To focus the Unit program around the Venturer Award Scheme
  • To improve administration of the Venturer Award Scheme
  • To provide more opportunities for Venturers to acheive awards
  • To implement a system of management based on the Small Group Activity to facilitate the effective managment of a large unit.
  • To increase stability in the Unit
  • For Unit Council to provide an exciting program with many varied opportunities for youth members.
  • To encourage Venturers to take up the challenge of the Venturer Award and Queen Scout Award.